Cloves in Bed, All is Well

Planting garlic is a joyous fall project. So satisfying to get the cloves tucked into their bed, and so encouraging when their little shoots poke through the straw in January.

This year I’ve planted four types: Spanish Roja and Killarney Red, both hardnecks so I’ll have plenty of scapes, and Inchelium Red and Lorz Italian, both softnecks (with huge cloves), which will be great for braiding and hanging in the kitchen.

If you haven’t yet planted your garlic or shallots, look for it at local nurseries or farmers markets, or order online. Two great Washington growers are Filaree Garlic Farm and Irish Eyes Garden Seeds. On their websites, you also can learn more about garlic types so you can throw around terms like Rocambole, Silverskin and Creole.

Here are the basic planting steps.

Garlic heads

Time to plant garlic! My four types: Spanish Roja, Killarney Red, Inchelium Red, and Lorz Italian.

Cloves spread out

Rows are measured and marked, heads are broken into cloves and spaced out. 10 inches between rows, 5 inches between cloves.

Straight garlic rows

Connie looks over the nice, straight rows.

Planting cloves

Working my way down the rows. Go Seahawks!

Planting garlic cloves

Planting the cloves 2-3 inches deep.

Garlic mulched

When they’re all planted, the bed is covered with a straw mulch to squelch weeds and prevent soil compaction from rain.

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