Oh, Deer!

My wife and a bunch of neighbors saw these unwanted visitors parading through our city block yesterday:

Phinney Ridge deer visitors

Yes, dear, those are deer. Blacktail deer, according to a hunter friend from the country.

Which is where these two must have come from, unless my neighbors Craig and Karen put on awfully good Halloween costumes.

We live on a steep street with the houses pretty tightly packed. A downhill neighbor saw these guys in another yard before they ambled through her yard, then the next, then our yard (more on that in a minute), and then went up the street.

At that point, Susie was driving home and saw them in the middle of the street. She ran inside and got the camera. She snapped their pictures in two yards up the block before they calmly navigated the steps out of the yard at the top of the block and headed south.

I sent the pictures to the PhinneyWood blog, which got a lot

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of comments and Facebook links from posting them.


Phinney Ridge DeerToday I inspected my garden, and found one Brussels sprouts plant pulled completely from the bed and cleanly stripped of all its leaves. And a couple of leaves were chewed off a cabbage. That’s it.

I guess there’s so much food in these city yards that our country visitors can just snack a little here and there and have a progressive dinner as they amble through the neighborhoods.

We’re lucky. I have many friends in suburban and rural homes whose yards are stripped clean of flowers, vegetables, and any desirable vegetation from the ground up to the height of a deer’s head. The only way to grow a vegetable garden in deer country is with a big, sturdy fence.

Later yesterday there were further sightings of these two, but as far as I know, no roadkill reported.

I won’t say that I was happy to see this wildlife clearly out of their natural habitat — and definitely in a dangerous environment — but it was a good reminder that we’re never

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too far from nature, in its many forms.

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