A Library That ‘Lends’ Seeds

How do you get kids interested in gardening? One way is to shelve vegetable seeds next to their favorite books at the local library. And then let the kids check them out.

A fitting end to my series on seed catalogs comes via NPR, which broadcast a story about the library in Basalt, Colorado that lets people “check out” seeds of various vegetables, and then return them in the fall, after growing the fruit or veggie, then harvesting and saving seeds from the best plants.

Presumably they provide some seed-saving advice along with this lending program. I could direct them to Suzanne Ashworth’s excellent book Seed to Seed, or even my own articles Save Your Own Seeds and Saving Rainbow Chard Seeds from last summer.

The story mentions a child’s interest in carrots because of her love of rabbits. It does not mention that the carrot is a biennial and saving seed from it will be a bit more challenging to beginners, espcially ones who might not have the willpower to let the best carrots alone until their umbrella-like seed heads finally appear.

After all, there might be bunnies to feed.


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