Kerr, Hume at Saturday’s Ample Harvest Festival

When I was a P-Patch gardener, every Tuesday night we’d tend our “Plant a Row for the Hungry” beds, and on Wednesdays we’d deliver produce to our local food bank. One of our volunteers who also worked at the food bank said that our fresh veggies flew off the shelves.

Gardeners know how important fresh produce is to our meals and our bodies. Unfortunately, people who need to shop at food banks often don’t get to put the freshest food in their baskets.

You can help change that through Ample Harvest, an online resource that enables home gardeners to donate their excess produce to local food banks.

This Saturday, Sept. 15, you can learn about Ample Harvest at a festival at Furnery’s Nursery in Des Moines, while you enjoy talks by some famous folks like Graham Kerr and Ed Hume and other local gardening experts. Ample Harvest’s CEO, Gary Oppenheimer, will be on hand with local food bank personnel to explain the process too.

There will be family fun, food and booths with local gardening resources too. And take advantage of this bonus: the generous Mr. Kerr, the “Galloping Gourmet” himself, will be donating a copy of his book to the first 1,000 attendees!

The event runs 9 to 4, and there are driving directions and more details on the Ample Harvest site.

Oh, and bring your extra produce to donate!

And for more reading on how to get involved with fighting hunger in Seattle, check out my Seattle Times article on the topic.


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  1. Marnie Vyff says:

    Thank you so much for letting everyone know about this great event. Fun was had by all and more importantly more gardeners know where to find a local pantry at for their extra produce. One more step toward no food being left behind!

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