On National Food Day, Grow Local

Today is national Food Day, and in conjunction with that, the city of Seattle has announced a Seattle Food Action Plan that seeks to strengthen the support of a strong local food economy.

As a gardener and farmers market shopper, I heartily encourage these efforts. Especially this sentiment:

Seattle's Food Action Plan - Grow Local

Grow local! Not exactly a grammatical delight, but the idea of supporting locally grown food and growing your own should be at the heart of a food action plan in all communities.

In Seattle, this portion of the plan inculdes building more community gardens (here called P-Patches), preserving local farmland, and helping make healthy local food available to people in all parts of the community, especially children.

Food Day was created by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a stellar organization that educates people on eating better, conducts research, builds coalitions and lobbies Congress for healthier national food policies.

In honor of Food Day, eat something you grew. I am going to slip out to my garden right now and nip a few chard leaves, and maybe even get in a little weeding before the light fades.

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