Goodbye Lettuce, Hello Happy Accident

Dickens called it the best of times and the worst of times, but I’ll just call it summer.

For the cool-season gardener, a few hot days of summer can mean an end to the nearly endless supply of salad greens. Once, this was a glorious, upright stand of mixed leaf lettuces. Now, a wilted mess that needs to be cleaned up.

Sad Lettuce

However! Let’s not despair. Under the floating row cover tunnel to its right is a healthy, hopeful batch of Brussels sprouts, being protected from the cabbage moth.

Amd across the garden, tucked into the corner of a bed that’s mostly peppers and basil, is this little bok choi, nearly hidden by nodding alyssum. It was a volunteer from last winter’s batch, which I let go to seed, as was the now-bolting bronze oak leaf lettuce in the bottom middle of this photo.

Bok Choi

As late summer promises the end to freak hot days, I will plant another batch of lettuce–it will be my sixth crop for the year. Meanwhile, I’ll lightly wok this bok choi with onion and garlic for an upcoming meal. I guess that will push my thoughts back to the

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best of times.


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