Earth Day Images From My Garden

SeaStar Strawberries

My newly planted Sea Star strawberries are still just babies under the straw, but they’re already trying to produce fruit.

Oxheart Carrots

Perhaps I can’t sow a straight line, but these carrots are coming up fine. Can you guess the variety from my scribbles on the tag? Mouse over the image to see it.

Super Sugar Snap Peas

The peas are beginning to grab the trellis, which is an easy DIY design featured in my book.

Spanish Roja Garlic

Pulled the winter

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mulch away from the garlic and fertilized it with a top-dressing from the worm bin.

Broad Windsor Fava Beans

Robust fava beans are in full flower, their tri-color blossms screaming for pollinators.

Redventure Celery

This Redventure celery is certainly perky. It’s used in drink recipes in Amy Stewart’s new book The Drunken Botanist. Can’t wait to try it.

Mason Bee Hatching

A bee on the hand is worth two on the plant? This gentle mason bee just hatched from its cocoon, and soon will be hitting the pollen.

Pinot Noir Grape

I missed a tiny cluster of grapes, which can now be spring bird food as my short-season Pinot Noir leafs out.


Rhubarb pie count so far this spring: 1. Clearly more to come, even though the plant is flowering.
Rhubarb Flower

The amazing rhubarb flower, which appears every 3 or 4 years, deserves a close look.





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