About This Site

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Vegetable gardening doesn’t have to end in the fall in a mild maritime climate. On this site, you’ll learn how — with some planning and a few specialized techniques — you can be growing and eating food from your garden year-round.

This site is the home of the book, Cool Season Gardener: Extend the Harvest, Expand Your Skills, and Grow Vegetables Year-Round (Skipstone Books, March 2013).

The book will help you…

  • Amaze yourself and your friends with a  harvest of crisp winter cabbages, incredibly  sweet early-spring carrots, and so many fall greens and peas that you’ll think it’s spring again!
  • Learn when to plant fall and winter crops and figure out when they will mature.
  • Serve your fresh-picked, home-grown vegetables at your holiday dinner parties.
  • Say goodbye to the idea that you need to “put your vegetable garden to bed.”

Visit my Books page to purchase Cool Season Gardener or my other books, Edible Heirlooms and Biking Puget Sound.